33It is very important for parents to entertain their child while they are working. Especially when the mothers are working in the kitchen, preparing the meals, doing the house hold chores or the professional work from home, babies need to be entertained.

There are certain ways that the parents can adopt to keep their baby busy and happy. Let us have a look at a few of these.

Musical Baby Bouncers

Children enjoy sitting in the bouncers which have the musical sounds and attractive rattles. It is easy for a parent to work, while the child is in the bouncer and enjoying the playful melodies along with swinging.

Use of latest technology gadgets

Latest types of smart phones or tabs or computers are a nice way to keep a child engaged while the parent is at work. The smart phones and the tabs come with a house full of baby entertainment apps for every age. These apps not only entertain the baby, but the babies also learn with the sounds, graphics and the matter into it. The whole lot of videos that can be downloaded with the help of these gadgets is also an essential treat for the parents as well as the child.

Interactive Toys

Several naïve as well as experienced companies have come up with the toys that are interactive in nature. Such toys teach the children about sounds, alphabets, numbers and much more. When the parent provides the child with such interactive toys, the child becomes interested into its colorful features and sweet tunes. This provides a good space for the parents to work up their incomplete tasks.

Feeding Walker

Parents who put their children in the feeding walker need not worry about the child being hungry as well about the child’s entertainment. Children enjoy moving into the walker and eat at the same time. Parents can also be happy as this reduces the incidence of mess while eating, though entertains the baby while they work.

However, with the above entertainment packages, it is important for the parents to monitor the baby continuously either with the help of the baby monitor or with the help of the baby sitter. For parents who cannot afford to have a baby sitter, a baby monitor comes really handy when you have to monitor your baby. Find the most popular baby monitor of 2014 is not a difficult task. There are various websites like WatchMyTot.com, babycenter.com etc. which feature the reviews of the most popular baby monitors available in the market. One should certainly take a look at these websites and then take their pick.