An Ideal Companion for Child with Special Needs


When it comes to buying gifts for child with special needs, most parent can acknowledge the fact that it is never easy. It goes without saying that such children deserve something special, more so something that matches their bodily traits. If you are still torn between gift choices, then you should consider Razor Trikke E2, 3 wheel electric scooter for kids. 

You might have questions on how possible it is for a differently-able child to ride on a scooter. If you must know, Trikke E2 is made differently, hence rendering its functionality different as well. It comes with all features that your differently-able child can use conveniently.

To make things clear, here are some of the things that make Trikke E2 the most ideal gift for a child with special needs:

Wide Base

It is obvious that a differently-able child will require a scooter that has a broad base for the sake of stability. This is something that has already been catered for in this particular scooter. It comes with a very broad base to withstand utmost stability for your child.

In addition, the base is partially rough to prevent your child from sliding off. In this regard, your child can move a relatively high speed on the scooter without losing stability.

Efficient & Reliable Braking System

One of the things that any parent considers before buying an electric scooter is the braking system. Why? This is the main feature of safety. Considering that your child is moving down on a steep terrain and instant braking is required. Very reliable brakes will certainly be required. Razor Trikke E2 has exactly that. The braking system is very reliable and efficient. It can prompt instant halting even when the scooter is at its top speed.

Safe Maximum Speed

Another thing that makes Trikke E2 ideal for a child is the speed limit. Due to the bodily and physical challenges of such children, it might not be safe for them to ride at a very high speed. In this regard, you want a scooter that has friendly maximum speed a child. Trikke E2 features maximum speed of 9mph. This means that any child regardless of bodily challenges can withstand the speed and take the necessary controls.


Stability is still something very vital especially among children, let alone the child with special needs. A differently able child may not enjoy utmost safety when on a scooter that has 2 wheels. This is because maintaining balance on such a scooter may not be very easy. However, a tri-cycle is more than safe to such children. This is the core reason why you should consider Razor Trikke E2. It comes with two very strong, broad and stable wheels to ensure that your child is very safe even when riding in your absence.


The above-mentioned features are just but a few. There are still more that give a pure guarantee of safety and fun for your child. You have a bunch of reasons not buy this scooter and not any other.