44Road trips with family are looked forward to by every member, right from elders to the kids. Taking road trips during summer in the United States is the favorite thing. This is because the entire family comes together to spend some beautiful time together. While Orlando is a great place with many family picnic spots, locals desire to get out exploring other things around. And one of the much loved destinations in the United States is Miami. It is close to Orlando and can be reached by road safely.

What to look forward to in Miami

The most celebrated metropolis of the United States, Miami is an interesting spot. It is a beautiful coastal city that is influenced by Cuban culture. Situated on the Southern tip of Florida, Miami is also recognized as the gateway to the Americans. The city is quite energetic and offers a change to the people living in Orlando. Full of beaches, the entire family can have fun along the way to the city. They can spend a fun weekend here and return to Orlando all charged up.

Driving distance from Orlando to Miami

Orlando is just 234 miles away from the interesting family getaway, Miami. The road trip from Orlando to Miami takes around three hours and twenty two minutes. The time taken to cover the distance varies depending upon the stops that the family might take in between. It also depends on speed, stops and even the kind of traffic. For instance, weekend might take some extra time due to heavy traffic. It is also advisable for parents to have the safest convertible car seat in their car for the safety of their child. It would also be great if they pack all the things that are needed for their child, well in advance, so that they can enjoy the whole road trip.

Route from Orlando to Miami

As it is a road trip, the family might take the longer route. However, families who prefer reaching the destination in shortest possible time should opt for turnpike of Florida, south on the way to Miami. Family can also get to Miami from Orlando via I-95 south towards Miami. Here it is important to mention that the drive from Orlando to Miami needs a toll fee. The toll fee varies depending on different entrance and exit points.

Spots to spot in between

There are many interesting stops that the family visiting Miami from Orlando can take in between. One of them is definitely the Kennedy Space Centre. This area is replete with wildlife. Family can take a tour and spend some good time at this place. There are a number of space related structures. Kids and even elders can play angry birds space. Interestingly, they can even meet an astronaut here and learn how to launch like one in the space. One of the tourist spots in between is House of Refuges Museum. The family needs to visit Stuart for this, but this place is worth it. While it is meant for those who are interested in history, the entire family can get a feel of the past at this place. Even the water view here is amazing.


A road trip from Orlando to Miami remains etched in the memory and the photo albums of the family. Before heading out, the family needs to plan the trip, pack your things and decide the spots that the entire family agrees to stop that.